Although our crew would remove portable items like furniture, we would advise you to remove the electronic and breakable items before we arrive. Likewise, it is better to keep the floor clear of small items like toys, pot plants and the like.

While we can get almost all the spots removed, as they are not yet set on the carpet fibre, the same can’t be said of stains. Certain stains, once set, can’t be removed, no matter how trained and qualified our technicians are. So, we don’t guarantee stain removal.

Your carpets will be cleaned to the Australian Standard 3733. Add our 7 Day No Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee’ to it and it is pretty much sure that you get the best possible cleaning solution.

Our houses contain thousands of ‘little nasties’ that have nothing better to do than spend their time ‘getting up our noses’.
Leading cleaning specialists from Monarch Prestige Clean, warn that thousands of dust mites live in most forms of textiles including carpet, upholstery, mattresses and bed linen. ‘It really does affect those who suffer from allergies in a big way, ‘Asthma sufferers, in particular.
The best advice I can offer is to hire appropriately qualified professionals with the right equipment to get rid of these dust mites and thus create a healthier environment.

We use a latest technology called UBS 3000, which is a low moisture cleaning service. The UBS 3000 process makes sure that your carpet will not shrink.

The UBS 3000 cleaning process used by us means that you can walk on your carpets just an hour after the cleaning is done.

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