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Let us perform a carpet/upholstery/Tile clean by a qualified Carpet Cleaning Technician who will make your home look, feel and smell like new. Call us now to feel the Prestige difference.

Carpet Cleaning in Burleigh

When your carpets are dull and dirty it’s hard to make your living, space look nice. When vacuuming just isn’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals for a thorough carpet clean.
Our carpet cleaners can remove dirt and dust from your carpet, as well as removing unsightly stains. Our carpet cleaning can transform your room without the expense of new carpets. We proudly restore your carpets to their former glory. Dry in 1 hour.

Tile Cleaning in Burleigh

Whilst regular vacuuming and mopping is essential for a sanitary and clean environment, in the long-term it’s not enough, to get the most life from your investment. It is advised that you have your tiles cleaned professionally to prolong their life and to keep them looking at their best. Tiles are a hefty investment, so it pays to look after them.
Whilst your tiles take the brunt of the foot traffic your grout is the lowest set area of your floor and thus dirt, grime and dust tends to settle there. Grouting can quickly become dirty and unsightly, instead of undertaking the large task of re-grouting why not try our grout cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning in Burleigh

Your sofa deals with a lot of traffic. Being in constant use your sofa is subject to daily dirt and grime, dead skin cells, allergens and animal hair, which over time builds up and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Our upholstery cleaning service will rid your home of dirt and grime giving you a clean and fresh sofa to relax on. For extra peace of mind why not get our trained technician to apply Fabric Protection to your loved furniture. You get better cleaning results when your furniture has been protected.

Mattress cleaning in Burleigh

Rest easy with our mattress cleaning service. Our experts in mattress cleaning will ensure that your bed will be a safe and hygienic place to sleep using our state of the art technology that removes residual dirt, bacteria and odours. Our product is sustainable. Good for you Great for the Planet.

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