Myths about Carpet Cleaning

My client asked me if vacuuming would wear out her carpet, an old Aunt of hers told her to only vacuum once every 3 months!

How wrong could she be. I  explained to look after your carpet the best way is to Vacuum, Vacuum & Vacuum.

Soil or dirt is the enemy of carpet. Constant walking on soiled carpet breaks down the fibres and wears it away.  It also looks unsightly. Carpet has a direct relationship to your Indoor Air Quality. Carpet is a fantastic filter.  It traps and holds dust and stops you breathing it. However, just like all filters, if the filter is full it doesn’t work.  By cleaning your carpet you are emptying your Indoor Air Quality filter and making a safer and healthier place to live.

We recommend a once a year thorough carpet clean depending on its usage & sometimes more often in high traffic area’s.