Why Change Carpet Cleaners when the Proof is There?

We were invited, a couple of years ago, to see if we could remove severe staining and improve the overall performance of the carpet.

Other Carpet Cleaners were unable to achieve good results due to either, poor cleaning methods or  a lack of training and understanding of the performance of your the carpet  type.

Although we were not able to remove every stain, we were able to remove most stains and reduce the significance of others. Over the last couple of years that we have been maintaining the carpet we have consistently been able to restore it to a high standard and in our opinion have improved the overall condition with every clean.

These good results are due to the cleaning method we use and the superior products which we are well trained to use. These products leave a protective residue which reduces some permanent staining and makes general cleaning & vacuuming more effective, which results in your carpet staying cleaner for longer.

If you were to revert to a different type of cleaning method, it is our opinion that you could expect an initial good result BUT there would be a significant reduction in the longevity of the clean due to the removal of the protective residue.

Warning  Changing to a different cleaning system will revert back to performing as it did before we were involved & will require frequent cleaning  with poor results and reduced carpet life expectancy & Increased Costs.

Monarch Prestige Clean will always be available for professional service and advise.